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Non-Fiction: Educational/Technical

UV Curing Technology: Traditional UV Curing & UV LED Curing is for anyone interested in the science behind ultraviolet (UV)-cured inks used in the printing industry.

The book covers the basics of formulation, answers to common questions, weatherability, safety, and much more.


Judge, 29th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book

"... The book is well organized and easy to navigate. You provide a lot of information in a concise and effective manner. You do a great job of explaining the many terms associated with this topic. I appreciated the visual elements you included, especially the usage of color ..."

Gary M. Cohen - Executive Director, RadTech Int'l

"Great! Awesome, simple quick read overview." 

Yvonne Wise - (Ret.) Technical Service, Nazdar

". . . easy to read and understand, giving the necessary facts and details for a thorough grasp of the technology."

David Kegel - Sales Director ROW, Marabu GmbH & Co KG

"Great book! The first I found about this matter which is correct and also understandable for the guys on the printing floor . . . "

Mike Ruff - Mike Ruff Consulting

"The book is the best and the easiest way to get an education on curing, ink issues, coatings and substrates."

On UV LED . . . "a great job explaining how they work, how they cure, how they are arranged and why have heat."

UV Curing Technology . . .softcover edition is available worldwide on, RadTech International North America, RadTech Europe, and on eBay:

UV Curing Technology . . .hardcover edition is currently available directly from the author via this website (see next page) and on eBay:

The e-book is available through Kindle.

Fiction: Love Story/Romance

A Hazard of the Heart - a story which spans generations and continents. A story of the power of love, in this life, and the next . . .

A Treasure of the Heart - about two people destined to be together, but have yet to meet each other, until Fate intervenes . . .

A Matter of the Heart - a special friendship during their teenage years becomes an unbreakable bond in their adulthood . . .

A Choice of the Heart - in the early days of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, a girl captures an explorer's heart. A story of how love bridges two different cultures and gains the trust of a people. A people slowly awakening to a new future . . .

A Wavelength of the Heart - would the laws of the heart triumph over the laws of physics? A story of love held apart by science . . .

A Journey of the Heart - a childhood friendship taken for granted until circumstances occur which forces two friends to make a choice . . .

A Gateway of the Heart - he rescued a woman from the icy sidewalk, a moment to change his life just as another moment changed his life three years ago . . .

A Call of the Heart - on a night with a full moon and the right atmospheric conditions, an old legend can be seen by those who truly love . . .

A Favorite of the Heart - seemingly inexplicable events led him back to his hometown . . .

A Chance of the Heart - a dream, a man in a coma, a broken engagement, a chance to love, to live .

A Reflection of the Heart - one magical summer a boy and a girl fell in love . . .

A Courage of the Heart - two strangers unwittingly fell in love the moment their eyes met - a love which goes beyond the limitations of physical appearances . . .

A Mission of the Heart - a love which began in their high school years . . .

Reviews . . .

Edna Wheeler - Greenleaf Performing Arts Academy

"You are a very enjoyable writer to read. I love your clarity and lack of wordiness in your sentences."

A Call of the Heart - "It was also fun to read a book that mentions cities like Overland Park, Wamego, Topeka . . . so fun!"

Lorna Silveira - Hacienda Loma Linda Costa Rica

A Choice of the Heart - ". . . I highly recommend it; it's a very good read!"

Fiction: Love Stories Anthology

Subjects of the Heart - contains: A Hazard of the Heart, A Treasure of the Heart, A Choice of the Heart

Choices of the Heart - contains: A Matter of the Heart, A Wavelength of the Heart, A Journey of the Heart

Rhythms of the Heart - contains: A Favorite of the Heart, A Gateway of the Heart, A Call of the Heart

Wishes of the Heart - contains: A Reflection of the Heart, A Chance of the Heart, A Courage of the Heart

Fiction: Middle-Grade Adventure

The Legend of Wolf Mountain - eleven year old Paul Stewart did not give the legend a second thought. After all, the story told by his Grandpa Ben happened long ago. He had more immediate concerns - such as the pony Grandpa Ben gave him for his birthday and the possibility of a new stepmother. One day, the mountain called . . .

Book editions containing color prints and black and white prints of watercolor paintings by the author are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Books are also available from the author. Please fill out contact form from Contact page. Click on pictures on the left for more info.

Non-Fiction: Autobiography/Memoir

Once Upon A Girl - covers events during a coming-of-age time in the 1960s Philippines.

This Ordinary Adventure - narrates real and unique stories starting the day I arrived in the United States, the years in the military, and up to the present.

Believe It Or Not - a collection of anecdotes from childhood, all of which played an important part during my formative years.

Autobiography B. Ruelan Purcell - a compilation of all three volumes mentioned above.

Books are available on and Kindle, and on eBay:

Books may also be ordered directly from the author (see next pages on how to order).

About Bea Purcell

Bea wrote UV Curing Technology: Traditional UV Curing & UV LED Curing in her desire to share some of the knowledge she learned during her career in the printing industry.

With her granddaughters in mind, Bea wrote her autobiography/memoir in an effort to keep a written account of some aspects of her life - at least the events of which she still remembers.

Bea writes love stories because she believes - "In a world of change, love is the one constant. Love gives human existence meaning and hope; without love, humanity will be lost."

Her educational background includes: Master of Science in Education - University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California; Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines.

Bea enjoys writing, reading, creating one-of-a-kind jewelry designs with beads, planting miniature gardens, and spending as much time as possible with her granddaughters.




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